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A. B Kazes - Out Of Space Trance - 1996




Annunaki - From Nibiru [DHA1CD004]

Dharmaharmony presents the debut album from Annunaki, a new trance project representing the unique sound of the Southeastern United States. Originating from the mountains of western North Carolina, Annunaki are Christopher "Kri" Johnson and Alex "Fuzz" Marano - veteran DJs and producers whose T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi collective has established a vital underground trance scene in southern Appalachia for more than a decade. Having experienced many shifts in the evolution of the global trance community, they have combined diverse influences from past and present, fusing dramatic Goa trance harmonies with heavy psytrance beats. Tested and refined on the legendary lands of Deerfields, NC, "From Nibiru" represents the culmination of those experiences as a reflection on the past and expectations of the future.

Beginning with the expansive "Illuminated Ones," the album quickly detours into the heavier, darker territory of "3600 Years on Earth," then the classic acid-funk sound of "Blue Lights" and the spaced-out expedition of "Concade." "Signal Distant" and "Planet X" combine brooding rhythms with soaring Goa melodies, and "Antikythera Mechanism" and "Sumerian Technology" portray a sonic journey to alien worlds before the album winds down with the deep, slow-motion dub groove of "Antikythera Mechanism (Herbivore remix)." Inspired by history, science fiction, conspiracy theory, and Goa trance vibes, and joining the ancient past with the distant future, this album transports the listener across time and space at home as well as on the dancefloor.

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